Re: Are *dHeg^Hom and adamah cognates?

From: Etherman23
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Date: 2012-08-11

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> Could we assume that PIE *dHeg^Hom "earth" and Semitic 'DM "earth are cognates? Could we infer a common Nostratic source? Or some mutual influence? In both languages there's the pair earthly being (human)/earth, cf. homo/humus and adam/adamah. Is there another language where the word for "man" mean "earthly"?
> Joao S. Lopes

Doesn't seem likely. Semitic lacks anything corresponding to *g^H. Starostin suggests cognation with:

Semitic: deḳaḳ-hān (pl.) 'mud' Soqotri
Berber: *dVḳ(ḳ)- 'clay'
Western Chadic: *daḳ- 'clay soil'
Beḍauye (Beja): dekʷa 'dust'
Central Cushitic (Agaw): *daḳu- 'clay '