Re: [tied] A Wanderwort of Ultimate Luwian Origin from the Root *bhe

From: Tavi
Message: 69945
Date: 2012-08-06

--- In, Rick McCallister <gabaroo6958@...>
> AS per a recent post, I do believe that the word is ultimate from IE
BUT more likely via Afro-Asiatic to Italic. The Luvian > Etruscan thing
works if you believe Etruscan to be some dialect of Luvian, but it
patently is not.
Incidentally, this is precisely Woudhuizen's theory. But Beekes theory
places the Etruscan homeland in NW Anatolian, the area around Troy, so
it's likely Etruscan was the demotic language while Luwian was spoken by
the ruling aristocracy.

> It probably came via Phoenician.
But this is unsupported by linguistic and archaeological data.

> BTW: It would be good to know when iron weapons first turn up in
Etruria, that would help determine the source
Rick, have you heard of the Villanovian culture?