Re: Stacking up on standard works

From: Rick McCallister
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Date: 2012-04-15

What do you have against Trask? He was a scholar who never made a pronouncement that he couldn't back up 100%.
Early Romance and Vulgar Latin are virtually the same thing and when Trask says Latin, he does not mean Cicero's Latin.
The field would be so much better if there were many more like Trask.

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Subject: [tied] Re: Stacking up on standard works

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> Having read his magna opus "The History of Basque", I can say that while
> he was a good Vascologist, he was also a poor comparative linguist.
Atlhough I didn't remember before, Trask confused very often Romance and Latin, attributing to the latter words such as *rato:ne- 'rat' > Spanish ratón, Basque (g)arratoin. Although not as bad, he also tends to derive directly from Latin early Romance loanwords such as pago, bago 'beech' < *fago.