Re: A personal list of cognate? Lislakh (Afrasian+Kartvelian+Indo-Eu

From: Etherman23
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Date: 2012-04-13

This list is intended for discussion about PIE. There are a number of Nostratic groups where this discussion would be more appropriate. Indeed, not much has been posted on any of them for a while so your contribution would be quite welcome there.

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> Hi, thank you for this enligtening group where we learn a lot
> First I have a question:
> 1/Do you agree with me that
> pie "*egho" (I) is connected with the Proto Semitic "*an-aku" and that pie *neh2 (no) is connected with Semitic "nhy"=saying no (in Arabic na'a, naha, nafa all are meaning "to say no") as well as pie *new (new) with Semitic "nawh3" (h3 being a laryngeal)
> 2/This is the list (sadly I could not provide Kartvelian reflexes) that I compelled mainly from Dolgopolsky's dictionnary as well as Coon, Bomhard and Blazek works
> Contrary to Greenberg I think that Altaic,Amerindian and Uralic are not organically Nostratic and the similairites they show with Indo-European are due to very early Indo-European substratum (pre Tocharian and pre Scythian) because the morphology of Altaic and Uralic languages is not inflective ablautic with dual and feminine genders as well as laryngeals, glottals and triradical roots like in Kartvelian-Afrasian-Indo-hittite (or more accurately? irano-nessic since iranic is more diverse than indic and hittites called their language nessili)
> Also there is the fact that Altaic+Amerindian+Siberouralian populations genetically diverged very early from the middleastern+european and genetically Africans are closer to Europeans and middleasteners than Europeans and Middleasterners are to Asiatics and Amerindians (Haitians too speak a language close to French but that was a result of pidginisation-creolisation and originally they were not indo-european speaking!)
> 1/pie hant/ps hint=grain(arabe hinta)
> 2/pie ak/ps ak=to lead
> 3/pie preh/ps perh=to tear
> 4/pie aryan/ps ari=peuple
> 5/pie koper/ps kupar=cuivre
> 6/pie agno/ps igl[n nasal n<=>l]=veau(ne vous fiez pas d'agneau=mouton en français;il suffit de jeter un coup d'oeil sur le livre de Pokorny pour voir la grande flexibilite des glissements semantiques et changement phonetiques,par exemple poisson et peche[remarquez qu'il est evident a oeil nu que poisson et peche sont de la meme racine mais il ya des cas de glissement semantiques et changements phonetiques treees etranges et hyper flexibles])
> 7/pie geop/ps qop=singe
> 8/pie kern/ps gurn=moulin
> 9/pie medhu/ps madhy=miel
> 10/pie kal/ps kal=parler,dire
> 11/pie tap/ps tap=sacrifice
> 12/pie nauh/ps ne=bateau,navire
> 13/pie keri/ps sery=acheter,kery=louer(le changement phonetique s=>k est dit centumisation est celui de k=>s satemization et ce detail sert a diviser les langues indo-europeenes en un groupe satem et un groupe centum[lire kentoum]mais souvent les deux formes coexistent,comme c'est le cas en Semitique mais il faut noter que les langues afro-asiatiques sont plutot centum,voire le fait que le suffixe de la 2 eme personne est "s/t"[tu,grafeis]en indo-europeen et est "k/t"[anta,kitabuka]en afro-asiatique)
> 14/pie meh/ps meh=mois,moment
> 15/pie leh/ps leh=faible
> 16/pie leih/ps lah=affame
> 17/pie lah/ps lahh=mucus
> 18/pie leu/ps lahn=son,chant
> 19/pie leik/ps layh=tache
> 20/pie od/ps hod=1
> 21/pie ago/ps ag=pousser
> 22/pie anah/ps anah=ame,esprit
> 23/proto grec geo/ps qa=terre
> 24/proto grec aer/ps ri=vent
> 25/proto grec aner/ps ans=homme
> 26/proto grec ta/ps ta=s'ecouler
> 27/pie stan/ps sath=pays
> 28/pie stag/ps tag=etang
> 29/pie aw/ps haw=souffle
> 30/pie aur/ps or=lumiere
> 31/pie aya/ps hay=vivant
> 32/pie haym=sang/ps haym=vie[glissement semantique]
> 33/pie dhab/ps dhab=fondre,se liquefier
> 34/pie do/ps da=donner
> 35/pie hes/ps es=etre
> 36/pie krab/ps akrab=scorpion
> 37/pie spekh/ps sabh=parler,prier
> 38/pie hal/ps hal=salutation
> 39/pie saul/ps sal=sain
> 40/pie hop/ps khof=sauter
> 41/pie fleg/ps falaq=briser
> 42/pie bhah/ps baha=lumiere
> 43/pie ghbeh/ps galab=apporter
> 44/pie bherg/ps (san)awbar=pin
> 45/pie akru/ps qatr=goutte
> 46/pie bor=arbre/ps bur=champs[glissement semantique]
> 47/pie rew/ps rah=s'ecouler
> 48/pie nebh/ps sahab=nuage[metathesis]
> 49/pie ors=dos/ps sor=ventre[metathesis+glissement semantique]
> 50/pie deigh/ps dag=piquer
> 51/pie bhok/ps bah=allumer
> 52/pie pleu/ps hapl=plein
> 53/pie kweh/ps kawa=cuire,bruler
> 54/pie streu/ps sadraw=to scatter
> 55/pie beuh/ps bay=to appear
> 56/pie pneu/ps napah=to blow[metathesis]
> 57/pie sue(self)/ps tsu(self)
> 58/pie hend(to blossom)/ps and(to blossom)
> 59/pie gwam(to come)/ps kam(rise,come)
> 60/pie weyd(to know)/ps wayd(to know)
> 61/pie wes(to dress)/ps bes(to dress)[dont look weirdly at this cognate since we have the so distant Armenian reflex zgenum and Greek hennumi]
> 62/pie per(fly)/ps par(fly)
> 63/pie per(fruit)/ps pemr(fruit)
> 64/pie ker(heat,fire)/ps kalw(heat,fire,roast)
> 65/pie dher(shade)/ps dhill(shade)
> 66/pie kost(bone)ps qust(bone)
> 67/pie bherg(shine)/ps baraq(shine)
> 68/pie ous(ear)/ps uz(ear)
> 69/pie dher(seed)/ps dher(seed)
> 70/pie hbal(harm)/ps khabal(harm)
> 71/pie ma(damp)/ps may(water)[semantic shift]
> 72/pie mert(death)/ps mawt(death)
> 73/pie al(beyond)/ps aly(beyond)
> 74/pie agro(field)/ps hakl(field)
> 75/pie erd(earth)/ps ard(earth)
> 76/pie mori(sea)/ps mahr,bahr(sea)[mahar=shell and b<=>m sound change is very common amongst even dialects of the same language]
> 77/pie ker(circle)/ps gel(circle)
> 78/pie rota(wheel)/ps rada(wheel)
> 79/pie ghrebh(to scrape)/ps grf(to scrape)
> 80/pie dhigw(to dig)/ps daq(to dig)
> 81/pie teherg(to turn)/ps dar(to turn)
> 82/pie kes(to cut)/ps kas(to cut)
> 83/pie hed(edge)/ps had(edge)
> 84/pie del(long)/ps tal(long)
> 85/pie kerp(to harvest)/ps khrf(to harvest)
> 86/pie kal(all)/ps kul(all)
> 87/pie krei(to repeat)/ps kar(to repeat)
> 88/pie ker(horn)/ps karn(horn)
> 89/pie leub(love)/ps lub(heart)[semantic shift]
> 90/pie bhel(flame)/ps lahab(flame)[metathesis]
> 91/pie med(to stretch)/ps mad(to stretch)
> 92/pie ne(no)/ps naha(no)
> 93/pie ner(light)/ps nur(light)
> 94/pie nas(to come down)/ps naz(to come down)
> 95/pie seuh(to sew)/ps sah(to sew)
> 96/pie sekw(to drive)/ps sak(to drive)
> 97/pie seu(son)/ps sanw(son)
> 98/pie psideh(vagina)/ps bizr(vagina)
> 99/pie dnghles(tongue)/ps lis(tongue)
> 100/pie hdonts(tooth)/ps sin(tooth)
> 101/pie hreus(throat)/ps halq(throat)
> 102/pie mog(brain)/ps mukh(brain)
> 103/pie budmn(bottom)/ps batn(stomach)[semantic shift]
> 104/pie welp/ps tshelp=wolf
> Les racines ci dessous doivent encore etre peaufiner ulterieurement
> fur/fawr=to boil,to bake
> dalf/*dwer(door)
> gady/*gido(goat)
> adas/*hedes(lentil)
> dukhan/*dhuman(smoke)
> taq/*tag(to touch)
> tawam(twin)/*dwoh(two)
> far/*pher(to flee)
> shitta/*sekwe(six)
> sabat/*septm(seven)
> sard/*serd(cold,ice)
> kalab/*kwo(dog)
> wadjn/*genu(cheek)
> zan/*gne(to know)
> hulw/*kal(handsome)
> qafa/*caput(head)
> wazz/*hanz(goose)
> djamus/*gwou(cow)
> quwa/*hew(force)
> yeden/*oino(one)
> fas/*egsih(axe)
> naw/*nauh(boat)
> wayn/vino(wine)
> fadan/*pent(road)
> bur/*puhr(wheat)
> ghwar/*kwer(war)
> bukhar/*bher(to boil)
> thle/*treyes(three)
> fard/*per(first)
> adda/*deh(to give)
> kham/*keim(to settle)
> qar/*kel(cold)
> qarn/*ker(horn)
> karm(grape)/*kermus(cherry)
> salab/*klep(to steal)
> dhura/*srhno(corn)
> ghara/*koro(war)
> asal/*koslo(hazel)
> djalid/*gel(cold)
> qart(city)/*grad(hail)
> burdj/*pyrgos(fort)
> qal/*ghel(to call)
> adjal/*keklo(wheel)
> qaras/*gruh(to b***)
> har/*gwher(warm)
> basm/*smeil(to laugh)
> thawr/*tawros(bull)
> seleg/*sneig(snow)
> ghurab/*korweh(crow)
> digg/*dgu(fish)
> asfur/*sper(sparrow)
> satah/*steh(to stand)
> sawt/*swonos(sound)
> ghana/*gen(to sing)
> aswad/*sword(black)
> sams/*sohwl(sun)
> matar/*mheg(moisture)
> hisan/*hekwos(horse)
> afa/*hepero(serpent)
> halib(milk)/*helb(white)[semantic shift]
> hanash/*hengwi(snake)
> ishtar/*haster(star)
> hagira/*hegrn(day)
> mur/*hmer(bitter)
> lagha/*lewg(to tell lie)
> mut/*mert(to die)
> laq/*leigh(to lick)
> zal/*sleu(to slide)
> pie *swonos/ps صوت sawt=sound
> pie *swey/ps صفير safir=whistle
> pie *barbar/ps البلبل balbala=to speak unintelligibly
> pie *srebʰ/ps sarab=to gulp
> pie *ǵeme/to marry/ps gama=to fornicate[semantic shift]
> pie *ǵʰwen/ps ghann=to sound
> pie *dra/ps djara=to run
> pie *dus/ps dasa=to fall
> pie *tagr/ps kata=tear[by metathesis]
> pie *dei=day/ps diya=daylight[semantic shift]
> pie *pekw/ps tabak=to cook[indo-iranian pukht]
> pie dab/ps bad=fat[by metathesis]
> pie katt=battle/ps katl=kill[semantic shift]
> pie kehd/ps hikd=hate[by metathesis]
> pie kerh/ps hark=to mix[by metathesis]
> pie geus/ps zak=to taste[by metathesis]
> pie ghers/ps kars=rigid
> pie gheimn=winter/ps ghaym=cloud,rain[semantic shift]
> pie kapro/ps gafr=goat
> pie ked/ps kadd=to fume
> pie ker/ps karn=cornus
> pie kel/ps lask=glue[metathesis+deletion]
> pie kerp/ps kharf=to pluck
> pie koro/ps ghar=war
> pie gwihb/ps gahba=woman
> pie krei/ps sara=to buy
> pie gwehd/ps ghat=to sink
> pie gen/ps kinna=woman
> pie teg/ps gat=to cover[metathesis]
> pie saws=to dry/ps sawa=to grill,to dry
> pie sekw/ps sek=to follow
> pie sneud/ps nada=mist
> pie speu/ps basak=to spit[metathesis]
> pie swel/ps kawa=to burn
> pie bhergo/ps sanawbar=birch
> pie bhendh/ps bany=to bind
> pie wino/ps wayn=grape
> pie melg=to milk/ps malag=to suck milk[semantic shift]
> pie dehn/ps dukhn=grain
> pie hen/ps 'an=in
> pie pleh/ps hafal=to fill[metathesis]
> pie skai/ps sagh=to shine
> pie neyk/ps naka=to winnow
> pie knu/ps nu=lump,nut
> pie nebhos/ps suhb=cloud[metathesis]
> pie manu=person/ps man=who[semantical shift]
> pie meso/ps sahm=flesh[metathesis]
> pie medhu/ps midh,(na)bidh=mead
> pie mat/ps mat(rak)=mattock
> pie lewg=to break/ps lawa=to curve[semantical shift]
> pie lewk/ps lak=bright,light
> pie lewgh=to lie/lagha=to speak[semantical shift]
> pie leykw/ps halak=to leave
> pie hel/ps 'al=to grow,rise up
> pie dhreu/ps dhar=to drop
> pie drem/ps radam=to sleep[metathesis]
> pie werh/ps hawar=to speak[metathesis]
> pie weh/ps hawi=to blow[metathesis]
> pie wobes/ps zab=wasp[metatesis]
> pie yehr=year,season/ps wayr=month[semantic shift]
> pie (yeh)kwr/ps kebed,kewed=liver
> pie helno/ps nisr=adler[Lat. alnus, Lith. alksnis, Ltv. elksnis, Russ. ольха (ol'xa), XMK aliza, ON alr, Gm. elira/Erle, Eng. alor/alder, OPruss. aliskande, Gaul. alisa, Hitt. alanzan, Pol. olcha, Alb. halë, Gk. Olixōn]
> pie h2okw/ps ayn[Toch. ak/ek, Arm. ակն (akn), աչք (ačʿkʿ), Skr. अक्षि (akṣi), Gk. ὄσσε (osse); ὀφθαλμός (ophthalmos), Eng. ēge/eye, Gm. ouga/Auge, Goth. augo, Alb. sy, Lith. akis, Ltv. acs, Kamviri âčẽ, Ir. enech/oineach, Welsh enep]
> pie h2erkwo/ps kaws=bow[Goth. arƕazna, Eng. arwe/arrow, Gk. ἄρκευθος (arkeuthos)?, Russ. ракита (rakita), Polish rakieta, Ltv. ērkšķis, ON ǫrvar, Umb. arçlataf]
> pie h2eyes/ps nahas=metal[Skr. अयस् (ayas), Lat. aes, Umbrian ahesnes, Gm. ēr/Erz, Eng. ār/ore, Av. ayaṅh, Goth. aiz, ON eir, Pers. āhan]
> pie hosd/ps gosn=branch[Arm. ոստ (ost), Gk. ὄζος (ózos), Eng. ōst/, Gm. ast/Ast, Goth. asts, Hitt. ḫašduēr]
> pie h2ewig/ps 3adas=~oats[Lat. avēna, Lith. aviža, Ltv. auza, Russ. овёс (ovjos), Polish owies, Gk. αἰγίλωψ (aigilōps)/, Old Prussian wyse, OCS ovĭsŭ]
> pie h2edes/ps 3adas=~cereal
> pie h2elyo/ps akher=other
> pie h2en/ps gin=spirit
> pie h2ep/ps haff=to reach
> pie h2erh1/ps harats=to plow
> pie h1eib=to copulate/ps hub=to love[semantical shift]
> pie solwo/ps kul=whole
> pie sneyg/ps tsalg=snow
> pie smeru/ps sahm=grease
> pie serpe/ps salal=to creep[Alb. gjarpër/gjarpën, Gk. ἕρπω (herpō), Lat. serpō, Skr. सृप् (sṛp), Kashmiri so.rūph]
> pie senh1o/ps saykh=old[Lat. senex, Lith. senas, Ltv. sens, Gaul. Senognatus, ON sina, Skr. सन (sana), Av. hana, Arm. հին (hin), Gk. ἕνος (henos), Welsh hyn, Goth. sineigs, Ir. sen]
> pie sem=summer/ps sams=sun[semantical shift]
> pie smgheslo=thousand/ps=katir=much[semantical shift,Skr. सहस्रम् (sahasram), Av. hazarəm, Pers. /hāzar, Gk. χίλιοι (khilioi), Lat. mīlle, Toch. wälts/yaltse]
> pie gwelb=womb/ps kalb=heart[semantical shift]
> pie ghouro=fear/ps ghul=monster[semantical shift]
> pie gal=to call out/ps kal[semantical shift]
> pie gher/ps ghar,har=bowels[Lat. hernia, Skr. हिर (híra), Gk. χορδή (khordē), ON gǫrn, Gm. garn/Garn, Eng. gearn/yarn, Arm. ձառ (jaṙ), Lith. žarna, Ltv. zarna, Hitt. karat, Alb. zorrë]
> pie tón-r̥/ps raad=thunder[metathesis]
> pie ter/ps ratad=to tremble[metathesis]
> pie ter/ps thar=to cross over
> pie bʰlēyǵ/ps baraka=to shine
> pie bherg/ps burg=fort
> pie puhr/ps burr=wheat
> pie psten/ps sadr=breast
> pie prek/ps raga=to pray,to ask
> pie pusl/ps farr=to fled
> pie pet=to open arms/ps pata=to open[semantical shift]
> pie pert/ps farat=to flat
> pie pent/ps padan=road
> pie az/ps az=she-goat
> pie bal/ps bal=lord
> pie mak/ps maq=son
> pie fers,srebro/ps parzil=argent,fer
> pie dun/ps dun=fort,chateau
> pie dr/ps duru=duration
> pie steer/ps dir=main
> pie oper/ps up=offer
> pie kabal=cheval/ps kamal=chameau
> pie quel/ps gal=printemps
> pie kran/ps girn=crane
> pie karp/ps kharp=automne
> pie haus/ps hawsh=house
> pie lew/ps labw=lion
> pie lath/ps lawh=shield
> pie meno/ps mana=to count
> pie pei/ps pu=bouche
> pie perd/ps perd=horse
> pie per/ps par=first,one
> pie her/ps karh=blessure
> pie gart/ps qart=ville
> pie hat/ps qat=hate
> pie khrot/ps qatran
> pie ekwos/ps sisu=cheval
> pie su/ps sy=pig
> pie sil/ps dil=colonne
> pie dik/ps tik=he-goat
> pie wak/ps waka=to preserve
> pie ward/ps warada=to come
> pie tiber/ps zabh=sacrifice
> pie al/ps ahr=autre
> pie ago/ps ako=je,I,ez,az,ik,ich,uk,ammuk....
> pie sawls/ps sams=sun
> pie sawls/ps sana=year
> pie kwan/ps kal(b)=dog
> pie pa/ps ba=pere
> pie ma/ps ma=mere
> pie (d)ukht/ps akht=fille,soeur
> pie frat=brother/ps fard=family member[semantic shift]
> pie t/ps t=tu,thou,shoma
> water*mor (sea), R. more, G. Meer, Br. mor, L. mare; R. myt', mokryi, mocha mā' mayimmûrainmáṭarmṭermâṭâr,
> cold*kaltas: G. kalt, R. xolod, Gr. krios,
> Lith. saltas, Pers. sard qarkaṣû
> night*naktislayllelyalaylâ
> fireLith ugnis, Skr agni, L. ignis, R. ogon' 'éšišātu
> bellyE. belly, G. Bauch, R. brucho, Alb. bark, Ir. bolg, Synghalese badabaṭn beṭen
> rootLith. shaknis, Pruss. sagnis, R. cheren-okjiðr šóreššuršu
> barkR. kora, L. cortex, Arm. ketev, Ir. coirt, Alb. kujaqišr q'lippâ
> seedR. zerno, L. granum, G. Kern, Arm. serm, Ir. siol zeraGzēru
> roadAlb. dhrom, Gr. dromos, Pol. drogaṭarīq derex
> smokeR. dym, Lith. dumai, Alb. tymi, L. fumo,Pers. dud, Synghalese dumaduxān
> red*raudos, Lith. raudinas, L. ruber, Br. ruz, Goth. rautr, Skr. rakta ruššû
> dun/dun (town)
> wadr/wadi (water,river)
> gher/agharr (grey)
> tal/tala (to tell)
> ghard/qart (city)
> wang/ganah (wing) [by metathesis]
> dun/dun (town)
> wadr/wadi (water,river)
> gher/agharr (grey)
> tal/tala (to tell)
> ghard/qart (city)
> wang/ganah (wing) [by metathesis]
> indo-european/semitic
> sha=ram/shu=swine(semantic shift)
> washq=lynx/spak=wolf(semantic shift)
> dabz/deps=deep
> hisan/ehus=horse
> zibd/zbet=butter
> nek=to fornicate/nakt=night(semantic shift)
> watr=female sexual liquid/watar=water(semantic shift)
> hut/iht=fish
> hawa/hwei=air
> zifda/zaba=frog
> shakh/sekh=to urinate
> pel/lep=elephant(metathesis)
> batn/budhn=bottom
> madhy=male sexual liquid/medhyu=honey(semantic shift)
> raqd/legh=to sleep
> naw/new=new
> dig/dhigu=fish
> der/dwer=door
> baqar/pekr=buck
> gawush/cou=cow
> sath/stah=stand