Re: Matasovic and de Vaan

From: Grzegorz Jagodzinski
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Date: 2012-03-20

Filefactory (as well as all similar servers known to me) offers only limited file storage time on free accounts (3 months). In order to have the files protected from deleting, I should buy a premium account (see - so there is no basic differences between Rapidshare and Filefactory. Moreover, dictionaries like Matasovic's or de Vaan's are copyrighted, and they are (very) often deleted by Filefactory admins. The same about Googlemail, Twitter etc. which are good for your own files, not for book scans. So, this solution is not good.
By now, I could recommend, an Uzbek forum for sharing linguistic files. You must register there (for free) in order to download anything, and then you can see links to rapidshare-like servers where files are stored. On the forum there are many users who have premium accounts, so the uploaded files are rarely cancelled (and even then they are re-uploaded by active users). Most files are protected with a password, and thus, to some degree, protected from deletion by admins of the file-sharing servers.
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>Just give me an idea, and I can upload them.
>I think that a place for uploading interesting files, without this
>stupid and palaeolithic 100 MB limit, and without paying in zlotys,
>would be really valuable. Any ideas?
>Grzegorz JagodziƱski

(as well as: ("Documents");