Re: Stacking up on standard works

From: Francesco Brighenti
Message: 69011
Date: 2012-03-17

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> > From the Brill series, I've got original PDFs of Derksen's Slavic
> > dictionary (which I uploaded here) and Kloekhorst's Hittite
> > dictionary (too big to be uploaded). I've also got scanned copies
> > of Matasovic's Proto-Celtic and De Vaan's Latin+Italic, the latter
> > being IMHO a comparatively mediocre work.
> I've tried the built-in OCR function of Acrobat Reader 10 with not too
> bad results, so I've just uploaded a text copy of Matasovic's and De
> Vaan's dictionaries.

What about Beekes' _Etymological Dictionary of Greek_ and Cheung's _Etymological Dictionary of the Iranian Verb_, which were once available at the IEED website? Are those databases "lost" forever (if one does not have any access to the pay-per-view Brill online website where they have been uploaded), or did anyone here save copies of them?