From: Tavi
Message: 68883
Date: 2012-03-09

--- In, "Tavi" <oalexandre@...> wrote:
> IMHO, this is a rather extraordinary case of a genuine PIE root which
> has been preserved through many millenia, because in most cases the
> original PIE words have desintegrated like meteorites, whose fragments
> are then labelled as indepedent "PIE" roots.
This way we'll have two or more "PIE" roots A, B, ... coming from a
common remote PIE ancestor, phonetically and semantically similar but
considered as different in the mainstream model.

> While it has been estimated that *some* very common lexical
> items may have expected "half-lives" of ten thousand years or more,
> usable evidence sooner or later evaporates due to lexical replacement,
> cross-linguistic diffusion, etc.
This sounds me to lexicostatistical pseudo-science (not that I like to
use this word, but as somebody here has hurled it at me, I feel
legitimate to use it).