Re: history; culture; amateurs (Re: HORSA vs. EXWA)

From: ufnkex
Message: 68881
Date: 2012-03-09

>>(a) "...and related topics concerning the history and culture
>>of IE-speaking peoples."
>>(b) "...and amateurs with a serious interest in the field..."
>Please note the key phrases "*sound* linguistic and historical
>knowledge", and "*serious* interest".

I've noticed them, of course. But "sound" hardly can mean "at least
the knowledge of a post-doctorate researcher" or "acces for
specialists only", since such an expert is no longer a mere

OTOH, methinks a person with non-conformist ideas and/or a person
with poor knowledge can also have a "serious interest" in what's on
topic here.

I for one have subscribed to this list exactly because I can learn
whole lotta things, interesting & new to me. I know it is an open
list, so that posts can also be read by those who are no subscribers
to it. But as a non-subscriber one can't post questions or request