Brezhoneg and its Influences

From: bowlweevils
Message: 68766
Date: 2012-03-05

Hi everybody,

I am a new member, and this is my first posting, so please forgive any
accidental etiquette slips.

I know Dutch, German, and French, and I was going through Wikipedia to
find the pages for dialects or closely-related languages to these 3. I
found the page for Brezhoneg, and though that it was a very extreme
variant or creole, but that I could moderately understand the

However, a bit more searching revealed that Brezhoneg is a Celtic
language. Some more internet searching for the relationship between the
West Germanic or Romance languages did not provide much information.

So I am wondering if anyone knows more about the influences of the West
Germanic languages and French on the Brezhoneg language.

It seems clear to me that there has been much vocabulary derived from
French and Germanic (whether Dutch, English, or German, or a
combination, I'm not sure) with some phonemic and semantic twists, along
with some suffix and prefix related changes in morphology, but am having
trouble finding any evidence. And Cymraeg seems much more opaque to me,
leading me to wonder why Brezhoneg is somewhat decipherable to me.