Re: Asian migration to Scandinavia

From: Tavi
Message: 68742
Date: 2012-03-03

--- In, "Richard Wordingham" <richard.wordingham@...> wrote:
> The significant SE Asian words for dog I am aware of are:
> PAN *asu2 (Blust's ACD)
> Tai-Kadai *kh-ma: (tone A)
> Proto-Austroasiatic: *cO: (or similar - some languages seem to show a presyllable in *k-)
> Miao-Yao: *klu2 (tone B). Also seen in Mon, an Austroa-Asiatic language, and suggested as the origin of Chinese _gou_ 'dog'.
> I suppose you'll argue that all but PAN are derivatives of some common word starting with a velar.
I don't really know nor I want to. I should have said "East Asia" (i.e. today's China), because dog domestication took place there and not in SE Asia. Sorry for the mistake.

Interestingly, IE *porkĀ“-o- 'young pig, piglet' is a Neolothic Wanderwort of ultimate Autronesian origin (PAN *beRek 'domesticated pig'), as SE Asia was one of the places where pigs were domesticated.