Re: Octha or Ohta?

From: stlatos
Message: 68493
Date: 2012-02-07

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> > > Or even a pentad, if Osthoff was correct about invoking *i: ~ *i and *u: ~ *u to explain Greek <tri:bo:> against <etribe:n>, <glu:pho:> against <egluphe:n>, etc. ("Tiefstufe" in MU, I forget which volume).

Some say that "laryngeals" were lost in compounds, seen (unambiguously in terms of V: vs. VX) in:

* d*oxWt.ú+ \ d*GWt.ú+ = gift / boon >>
Do:sí-theos G; bhága-tti- = luck bringer S;

and I'd say that though longer words (incl. compounds) underwent this most often, it's seen in others, too, and also met. of VXCV > VCXV sometimes can create the same effect (such as vir L; not *vi:rus).