Re: Lithuanian diphthongs

From: stlatos
Message: 68484
Date: 2012-02-06

--- In, "Sergejus" <sergejus.tarasovas@...> wrote:
> BTW -- after *#aiH- became #íe- it should have developed a prothesis anyway -- if not v- (<*w?) then [j-], as any other ie-words have in Lithuanian. Even if not revealed in spelling (except in <jie> 'they'), it's still there (if not phonemically then at least phonetically).
> Cf. (dial.) vierube: ~ ierube:~, both 'hazel grouse'.

But those are borrowed from Slavic words, like Polish jarzeNbek, with many variants apparently from something like:

oerunba eerunba
oerunba eerunba erunba
oerunba e:runba erunba
ojerunba ojernba
ojerunba jorenba
ojerunba jorenba jerenba
ojerunba worenba jerenba
ojeruNba woreNba jereNba

so if * (w)ojeruNba > * (w)jeruba , it's a Slavic opt., not native Baltic.