Re: P.Gmc. *skakula-

From: dgkilday57
Message: 68428
Date: 2012-01-27

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> wrote:
> > For OE <sceacel> 'shackle, fetter' we should probably
> > compare ON <skakkr> 'limping'
> That's one possible sense, but it's more generally 'skew,
> wry, distorted; unequal' (Fritzner: 'skjæv; heldende mere
> til den ene Side'). An example:
> þat greri svá illa, at hann bar jafnan hallt höfuðit
> síðan, því var hann skakkr kallaðr
> that healed so poorly that he always carried his head to
> one side afterwards, so he was called <skakkr>
> > and Grk. <skazo:> 'I limp' (from *skag-jo:).
> That would have to be *skn.g-jo: to match the ON, which is
> from *skanka-.
> Note that ON has <skǫkull> 'a car-pole' from *skakull (OSw
> <skakul> in <halmskaklar> plur.); formally this is a better
> match for OE <sceacel> ~ <sceacol>.

Perhaps three roots are needed then:

1. *sk(^)eh2/4g(^)- 'to bind, fetter' vel sim. for the ON and OSw words just above, and OE <sceacel> 'shackle'.

2. *(s)kh3eg- 'to shake, agitate' vel sim. for Skt. <khajati> 'agitates, churns' and its relatives, and the Gmc. words including OE <sceacan> 'to shake', <sceacel> 'plectrum'.

3. *sk(^)eng(^)- 'to list, be awry' vel sim. for ON <skakkr> and Grk. <skazo:>.