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From: Torsten
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Date: 2011-06-04

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> > > Otherwise, how about making the Igylliones węglarze
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> > > ie.
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> > > makers (why doesn't that profession have a name in English?)?
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> > But it does - collier.
> Aha - a Canadian linguist
> Well, Wikipedia hasn't connected them.

The problem probably is that English colliers, when coal mines opened, continued as coal miners, whereas elsewhere those professions are sen as separate. This means that English collier has a wider definition than

The kulsviere in Denmark had an identity as a separate people, keeping to themselves in the forest (Sw. tattare, Da. tatere).
In the Danish equivalent of 'The three Musketeers', 'Gøngehøvdingen' by
the right-hand man of the 'Gøinge Chief',,
Ib, was a tater. So was the female arch-villain, corresponding to Dumas' Milady, Kulsoen (the "Coal Sow"), cf.
(and BTW, so was my great-great-grandmother).

''Vi dele, vi dele' skreg Kulsoen.'

A friend of me liked to quote that scene, where Svend Poulsen finally puts her on an ice floe which slowly drifts away into the night.