Re: Who were the Igylliones?

From: Torsten
Message: 67673
Date: 2011-06-02

--- In, george knysh <gknysh@...> wrote:
> Little bits and pieces while waiting for Pachkova's magnum opus...
> The Igylliones are mentioned in Ptolemy's Geography at III,5. They
> supposedly inhabited the territory east of the Vistula ( and east of
> the Avarini at the source of the Vistula), and west of the Costoboci
> and Transmontani. We know the difficulties associated with Ptolemy
> data, and with his utilization of his many sources. The contextual
> time frame seems post-Pliny (who localized the Costoboci among the
> Sarmatians of the Caucasus area).
> Question: Is there any way of etymologizing <igylli> as Germanic ?
> There are similar sounding names, and this could be just
> coincidence. But if the word has Germanic affinities, then we would
> have a third internal Bastarnian tribal designation. Any ideas?

It looks un-Germanic. Pekkanen doesn't mention them. It's not even in Wikipedia. But somewhere in my brain is a memory that they have been compared with Inguaeones and Anglii, by a reputable scholar and by myself, but I forgot who did which.

Or perhaps Pliny Nat. 37,35
'Pytheas Guionibus, Germaniae genti, accoli aestuarium oceani Metuonidis nomine spatio stadiorum sex milium;'
is relevant? But that's on the coast.