Re: Imperialism as the source of new geographical knowledge

From: t0lgsoo1
Message: 67653
Date: 2011-05-30

>That's what I'm doing, and you're not, and that's why, I
>gather, that you are right and I'm wrong because it says
>so in those documents you don't quote?

Torsten, I'll stop here, and I hope I won't be tempted again
to read one sentence out of your production.

To your "that's why": I'm leaving these threads where you
repeat the same erroneous things because I realize you
have a handicap. I should've done it much earlier; unfortunately,
I didn't realize earlier the extent of your judgment handicap.

And because of it, even if you might have had some brief
linguistic training, you are no linguist at all. But it
wouldn't matter. The real problem is your inability to...

This is why I'm gonna stop here, for you really manage to
jar on one's nerves, and I don't want to unleash real ad
hominems you utmostly deserve, especially whenever you dare
playing the sarcastic and connoisseur unable to grasp the