Re: Imperialism as the source of new geographical knowledge

From: george knysh
Message: 67651
Date: 2011-05-30


So my bet is still on Jones here.

****GK: The point I am making is  that Strabo isn't saying that Burebista eliminated ALL the Taurisci, but only those who were under the rule of Critasirus, i.e. the eastern Taurisci, and the Boii of that area. The Western Taurisci (those under Voccio), also known as Norici, and the Taurisci who controlled Nauportus, were still around when Strabo wrote(I think you have the references?) The area conquered by Burebista from these eastern Taurisci later became part of the "regnum Vannianum".
Cf. also 7,5,2: "A part of this country was laid waste by the Dacians when they subdued the Boii and Taurisci, Celtic tribes under the rule of Critasirus."  We know that not all Taurisci were under the rule of Critasirus.
5,1,6 (on the Boii): "the Boii were merely driven out of the regions they occupied [in Italy GK]; and after migrating to the regions round about the Ister, lived with the Taurisci, and carried on war against the Daci until they perished, tribe and all — and thus they left their country, which was a part of Illyria, to their neighbours as a pasture-ground for sheep. [known in Pliny's time as the "deserta Boiorum" GK]****