Re: Schoeffe I

From: Torsten
Message: 67447
Date: 2011-05-01

--- In, "t0lgsoo1" <guestuser.0x9357@...> wrote:
> >There are no 'following pages' in Wikipedia articles.
> what you see in your browser is called a "web page". So as
> soon as you click the URLs I posted you open "web pages".

OK, that's what you meant.

> >No, it's you who tries
> Both of us, you and me, should, after all, shut the fugg up, since
> neither of us is a microbiologue. So, we're not able to tell the
> warranted conclusions from exaggerations and nonsequiturs.

A belated insight.

> But,
> anyway, the genetic "luggage" plays no role in determining the
> desire to speak one language or another (e.g. to speak Aramaic
> or Polish or German or Cockney).

Oh, I see. ;-)

> >I'm trying to show that there was a migration from the old homeland
> >of the Bastarnae to Przeworsk to Germania.
> Really? What a novelty, what a new story, what a headline (ripe
> for "The Sun")! >:-]

Factual objections?

> >We know nothing of the genetic makeup of the Bastarnae
> Who cares? The issue is (or: was?) their language in connection
> with a type of German called Hochdeutsch.

A proof of genetic relatedness would strengthen the scenario in which it was.