Re: Roman weapons in Przeworsk

From: george knysh
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Date: 2010-07-19

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George Knysh:
> > BTW you still haven't provided anything concrete about the
> > inventory of the 'upper layer' Przeworsk inhumations of that
> > period. This is crucial if you wish to establish a "Dandarian" or
> > other "Scythian" connection.

****GK: 1. What is required is an evaluation of the full inventory, not merely mention of sporadic objects of various provenance. E.g. one "Roman" object among dozens or hundreds of other objects does not make the burial "Roman".
2. The specifics of the burial rite (e.g.shape of the pit, position of the body et sim.) are also significant. Simple "inhumation" is not a sufficient specific final identifier, though it is OK "for starters". This is elementary archaeology.****

Roman swords in Przeworsk:
The interesting ones should be the ones which are dated to immediately before period B1, noted here LL/B1 (LL = Late Latène?)

For the absolute chronology of the period designations see

There are three such swords, namely item 10, one with a Roman inscription, ALLIUS PA. Allius is a Roman nomen

****GK: The information here provided is that these swords came from Noricum via Czechia and middle Silesia, and that the Italian craftsman was of Etruscan origin.****

The three swords mentioned are 'an earlier type of roman SPATHA sword'. The spatha is otherwise thought of as originating in the first century BCE:
but see the alternative explanations in

****GK: But the most significant point here is that the swords are from cremation rather than inhumation burials.****