lepus - lapin - laparo - leberis

From: Joao S. Lopes
Message: 66336
Date: 2010-07-16

Is there some consensus about the origin of Latin <lepus> (g. <leporis>) "hare"
and its relation to French <lapin> "rabbit" and Portuguese <la┬┤paro> "male
hare", and, why not to Greek lago:os, lagos "hare" ? A pre-Roman root meaning
"leaper, hopper"? Latin would imply an older *lepus- (g.*lepusos). How these
-us/-oris words evolved beside more regular -us/-eris? We can add to <lepus>,
<corpus>, <tempus>, <pecus>. Curiously, it seems that -p- influenced somehow the

-us ending. Or maybe from *-wos- / -wesos?

JS Lopes