Re: Brahman... akin to Flamen or to Bragi... or both

From: Francesco Brighenti
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Date: 2010-04-15

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> Sanskrit Brahman is usually linked to Latin Fla:men < *bHlh2g^H-
> but... also to ON Bragi < *bHregH-
> Which is more plausible? Could Skt. Brahman be a mix of the two roots?

The Indo-Aryan etymological dictionary by M. Mayrhofer (1986-2000, vol. II, p. 236-8) derives bráhman 'formulation (of truth) [in poetry]', from Indo-Iranian *bhrajh-man < IndoEuropean *bhreg^h-men; cf. the (rare) Old Persian term brazman '(appropriate) ritual form, style', Middle Persian brahm 'form, appearance, style', Nuristani (Ashkun) blamade 'a god' ( from *brahma-deva?), Old Norse bragr 'poetical art', Proto-Celtic *brixto- (or *brixtu-) 'magical formula, incantation' (thus reconstructed by R. Matasovic), etc.

From bráhman -- which would, thus, originally have meant 'formula, formulation; proper, appropriate form', the the agent noun brahmán 'speaker of the [ritual] formula, poet, performer of sacrifices' would have derived.

Mayrhofer argues against connection with Latin flamen.

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