Re: Laryngeals: arguments from typology?

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 66056
Date: 2010-04-08

W dniu 2010-04-08 01:38, dgkilday57 pisze:

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> > Another note, is there any evidence outside of Greek for root-initial
> preconsonantal (ie. vocalizing) laryngeals? If not, is there anything
> speaking against considering these prefixes of some sort? The idea of
> various complex onset clusters reconstructed on the evidence of one
> branch only sounds distressingly ad hoc to me.
> Phrygian has <anar> 'husband', and Macedonian has <abroutes> 'eyebrows'
> (or <abrouwes> if you join Kretschmer in taking the tau as a copyist's
> error for digamma in Hesychius; <ou> is of course Late Greek for /u:/).
> On the other hand Aristotle's <sausarismos> 'hoarseness' shows that Mac.
> lost the initial laryngeal of *h2souso- 'dry, parched'.

And of course we have vocalised preconsonantal laryngeals in Armenian.