Re: Nordwestblock, Germani, and Grimm's law

From: dgkilday57
Message: 65693
Date: 2010-01-19

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> So the incoming Germani from Przeworsk would have spoken post-Grimm Germanic and the resident NWBers/laeti
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> cf also Etruscan lautn, gen. lautun "family"(?)
> would have spoken a similar, unshifted language, much like today (or yesterday) in that area the locals speak Platt and the incoming people who matter speak Hochdeutsch.

The gen. of Etr. <lautn> is <lautnes>. The late-archaic Tile of Capua has <lautun> not <lautn> because its orthography does not allow syllabic resonants. The dyslexic form <lavutn> (for *lavtun) occurs in a funerary inscription. Anyhow, try not to confuse variants of the zero-case with the genitive.

This is one of a handful of Etr. words which I argued on sci.lang in 2002 were borrowed from a pre-Italic IE language. Originally <lautn> was something like 'body of freemen'; the IE root is *h2leudH-. If Gmc. *le:Tigaz corresponds to anything in Etr. it is not <lautn> but the unrelated <Lethe>, the name sometimes bestowed upon freedmen.