Re: Sorry, no Sarmatians in Przeworsk (Was:Re: Morimarusa)

From: george knysh
Message: 65667
Date: 2010-01-16

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> This fellow is indeed quite hopeless...
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> > GK: The problem with you ,Torsten, is that you seem incapable
> > of understanding that what you consider "disproof" is
> > scientifically inadequate.
> I haven't said anything of what I consider 'disproof', so I wonder
> what that's supposed to mean.
> > The standard view, which apparently dissatisfies you, is that
> > there is no evidence of any significant Sarmatian influx into the
> > area of the Przeworsk culture. You have been unable to point to
> > anything except "inhumations" , and that per se, is not a
> > defining Sarmatian trait.
> 1) the suddenly appearing upper layer in Przeworsk is characterized
> by inhumation and expensive Roman grave goods.
> 2) the graves of the Golden Cemetery are characterized by
> inhumation and expensive Roman grave goods.
> Nothing characteristically 'Sarmatian' about either.
> Cf.
> http://tech. com/group/ cybalist/ message/64735
> The Przeworsk inhumations are not of any known Sarmatian type,
> unlike those of the Kuban. Elementary science, too complicated for
> our Odin fan.

Your evidence for that is that in
http://kronk. library/guschina -zasetskaya- 1994.htm
there appears a line
Priloz^enie 2. Svodnaja tablitsa po dannym pogrebIlanyx sooruz^enij katakombnogo tipa
or, according to Google translate (slightly improved)
Appendix 2. Summary table of data of burial structures of the catacomb type.
which you take to prove that the Kuban graves were of the catacomb type. Maybe you should read the book first?

****GK: The tables of contents is clear enough. There is an abundant literature on "catacomb type" graves of the late BCE and early CE in Eastern Europe. They are Alanic. And there is also a literature on other Sarmatian grave types. Maybe you should read this. Then you would not automatically say "Sarmatians!" when reading of "inhumations" ... Ooops. my mistake. Of course you would, you can't help it. The Odin scenario requires it.*****