Re: The etymology of herold

From: Pavel A. da Mek
Message: 65631
Date: 2010-01-13

> Does anyone know the etymology of "herold"?

c.1276 (in Anglo-Latin), "messenger, envoy," from Anglo-Fr. heraud, from
O.Fr. heraut, hiraut, perhaps from Frank. *hariwald "commander of an
army," from P.Gmc. *kharjaz "army" (from PIE root *koro- "war") + *wald-
"to command, rule." The form fits, but the sense evolution is difficult
to explain, unless in ref. to the chief officer of a tournament, who
introduced knights and made decisions on rules. The verb is c.1384, from
the noun. Heraldry "art of arms and armorial bearings" is first recorded
1390, as heraldy, from O.Fr. hiraudie, from hiraut, originally "heralds
collectively." The spelling with -r- is attested from 1572 (cf. poetry,
pedantry). ///