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From: dgkilday57
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Date: 2009-12-31

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> > On a tangent: preserved *k- in
> >
> > it seems.
> Not really.
> Although Tischner is a bit of a nut ('Beim Vergleich der
> alten Sprachen Europas, Westasiens und Nordafrikas lassen
> sich viele gemeinsame Wurzeln rekonstruieren, die auf eine
> gemeinsame Grundsprache wohl noch ins Mesolithikum
> zurückgeht. Ich nenne diese Grundsprache in Anlehnung an die
> Bibel "noachitisch"'), the information at
> <>
> seems to be reasonably well-supported.

Yes, he has nailed it, and provided a detailed account of the false derivation from <Chatti>. I have not seen any of his long-range stuff, but "noachitisch" is an unfortunate choice for serious work these days.

Having done some poking around at <Chatti> and <Mattium>, I have not found a credible continuation of <Chatti> at all. The name seems to have died out when the remnants of the tribe merged into the Franks. The name <Hassi>, <Hessi>, etc. (first <ad Chassus> 699) cannot be the same, despite valiant attempts by several scholars to rationalize the -ss-. This is in contrast to <Chattuarii>, which does have several secure continuations.

> See also the first paragraph of
> <>, though the OHG
> word in question may actually OSax. <malsc> 'proud' (cf.
> ndrh. <malsch>, <malz> 'kühn, verwegen').

In that case 'swollen' not 'steep', which would fit the photograph better, I suppose.