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From: patrick cuadrado
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Date: 2009-12-17

if Morimarusa = death sea is a celtic name
why Cimbri is Germanic name
Old Irish Cimbid = a prisoner/tribute, the cimbri = the thieves = brigands cf breton Kemer = to take/To get *proto celtic Kombero
but IE Kimm = Rim 
and English Hem = edge

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> One objection raised by scholars to the connection between <Cimbri> and <Himmerland> is that no variants *Chimbri or *Himbri are known, casting doubt on a Gmc. /x/ in the ancient name. This can be easily explained by the establishment of the form <Kímbroi> already in Philemon's time. Unlike the Chatti, Chamavi, Hermunduri, Harudes, etc., there was no novelty with the Cimbrian tribe, and the old name stuck, no matter how the Germans were pronouncing it in Caesar's time and later.

Scholar shouldn't do that.
Bent Jørgensen: Stednavneordbog

'Himmerland ... *1231 Himbersysel, 1268 Ymbersysul ...'

Danish did then have a tendency to -mr- > -mbr- etc, so one might explain it that way, if needed, but Pliny places the Cimbrians in Jutland.