Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode

From: johnvertical@...
Message: 65508
Date: 2009-12-05

> I think nobody has paid enough attention to the great similarity
> between the roots *(H1)leudh- and *teutéHa-, both meaning 'people'.
> The alternation between *l/*t could be explained as being different
> reflexes of a former lateral affricate *tL. Starostin-Nikolayev's PNC
> *HittL'i:wV(-l/V) 'root, seed; kin' would fit
> nicely here.

Except your previous PNC/IE isoglosses [as seen on the Nostratica list] have had velars corresponding to geminate *ttL', not dentals/laterals.

John Vertical