Re: Rozwadowski's Change

From: Trond Engen
Message: 65500
Date: 2009-12-04

Andrew Jarrette:

> Trond Engen:
>> Andrew Jarrette:
>>> I think ON <hýrligr>, <hýrr> are probably cognate with OHG <hiuri>
>>> "simple", <ungihiuri> "monstrous" (= NHG <ungeheuer>, also NHG
>>> <geheuer> in <nicht geheuer> = risky; uncanny, eerie; fishy,
>>> suspicious).
>> Yes. And "make well disposed" is a better glossing. But don't listen to
>> me, I just throw out words while my foot is stuck in the MacCallister
>> mouth.
> If you mean that ON *<hýra> 'pay' comes from an earlier meaning 'make
> well disposed', derived from the adjective <hýrr>, it is worth noting
> that *<hýra>'s cognate in OE, <hy:rian> 'hire' has <y:> from earlier
> *u:, unlike <hýrr> from earlier *iu < *eu + i-umlaut (if my suggestion
> that it is cognate with OHG <hiuri> is correct). Anyhow *<hýra> doesn't
> seem to exist in ON; ModIcel. <hýra> 'wages' is apparently from LG (like
> Swedish <hyra> and Danish <hyre>; I don't know the Norwegian word, if
> there is one). But I'm not sure if you mean that <hýrast> should be
> glossed 'make well disposed'.

Nah, I meant that the supposed original meaning of the "hire" word might
have been "make well disposed". But you well and truly disposed of it by
saying (confirming my suspicion) that the phonology doesn't fit.

Trond Engen