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Date: 2009-10-09

Book TI.V:45-84 Book TIII.III:1-46 Book TIII. X:1-40

Book TIII. XI:39-74 Book TIV.I:49-107 Book TIV.VI:1-50

Book TIV.VIII:1-52 Book TV.III:1-58 Book TV.V:27-64

Book TV.XII:1-68 Book TV.XIII:1-34 Book EI.I:1-36

Book EI.VII:1-70 Book EI.IX:1-56 Book EII.I:68 Book EII.X:1-52

Book EIII.VII:1-40 Book EIV.IV:1-50 Book EIV.X:35-84
Ovid exiled among them.

Book TI.X:1-50 Book TV.I:1-48
A term for the shores around Tomis.

Book TII:155-206
A tribe of the Danube region.

Book TIII. IX:1-34
Colonised by the Greeks.

Book TIII. XII:1-54
Ovid describes their lands as tree-less and vine-less.

Book TIII.XIV:1-52 Book EII.VIII:37-76
A hostile people.

Book TIII.XIV:1-52 Book TV.II:45-79
The languages of the region. The rhythms of Getic are different to those of Latin. Latin is relatively unknown, and the original Greek speech of the cities is submerged in Getic pronunciation.

Book TIV.X:93-132 Book EI.VIII:1-70 Book EIV.III:1-58

Ibis:597-644 The Getic bowmen.

Book TV.I:1-48 Book EII.VII:1-46 Book EIV.VIII:49-90
Ovid labels them fierce, stern, of a barbaric nation.

Book TV.VII:1-68 Book TV.X:1-53 Book EIV.X:1-34
The Getae: dominate the Greek admixture, are barely civilised, warlike, with long beards and hair, savage and aggressive. They dress in skins and loose Persian trousers, and are ignorant of Latin.

Book TV.XII:1-68 Book EIII.II:1-110
Ovid learnt something of their language.

Book EI.II:53-100
Tomis not a significant place even to the Getae.

Book EI.II:101-150
His wish not to die at Getan hands.

Book EI.V:1-42 Book EIII.IX:1-56
A harsh place to expect the Muse to visit.

Book EI.V:43- 86
An ironic judgement on their lack of poetry.

Book EI.VIII:1-70
The Getae captured the town of Aegisos. Ovid also mentions the oxen used for ploughing.

Book EI.X:1-44
No abundance of good food among them.

Book EII.II:1-38 Book EII.VII:1-46 Book EIII.IV:57-115 Book EIV.IX:55-88 The Getae not fully conquered and pacified by Rome.

Book EII.II:39-74
He would make a worthless prize for them.

Book EIII.II:1-110
They appreciate the virtues of loyalty and friendship. The Getae are not far from the Tauric Chersonese.

Book EIII.V:1-58 Book EIV.XV:1-42
The uncouth and uncivilised Getae.

Book EIV.II:1-50
The long-haired, unshorn Getae.

Book EIV.VII:1-54
Vestalis campaigned against them.

Book EIV.XIII:1-50
Ovid wrote a poem in Getic.

Book EIV.XIV:1-62
Ovid praises the people of Tomis but not the warlike tribes.

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