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From: Rick McCallister
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Date: 2009-10-08

Wow, it's the Monica jackpot. I notice in many cases it seems to be a family name, as well as the forms Argamonica and Mamonica. In one case it seems to be a cognomen. 
For the heck of it, I looked for *Monicus but the closest thing I found in North Africa was Mamonicus

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There was a thread back in August centering on the name of Augustine's mother Monica, apparently North African, presumably Berber (if Berber isn't an anachronism) .
Steven Chrisomalis' always worthwhile site Glossographia http://glossographi a.wordpress. com/
just introduced me to Epigraphik Datenbank, a truly impressive source for Latin inscriptions. Going to
http://compute- in.ku-eichstaett .de:8888/ pls/epigr/ epigraphik_ en
and putting "Monica" in the search window comes up with thirteen gravestones, one in Rome and the rest in Africa.