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From: Joan Griffith
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Date: 2009-02-19

Yes, that is right--all of it! lol. Tidewater would be Eastern Shore,
tho, and on down into Virginia Tidewater. Probably the small inhabited
islands in the Chesapeake Bay are what you are thinking of, like
Tighlman's Island. lol, I can just imagine pirates speaking like they
do--and not being understood by their victims.

Unfortunately, the people you can't understand are everywhere, not
just Baltimore.

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>> English in Maryland is said to be the way it was spoken in
>> the 1700s.
> . . .
> But there are seversl different dialects in Maryland: Tidewater (or
> something like it), "Balmer" or "Balmerese", standard suburban English and W
> MD.
> "Balmer" is sometimes said to be the "worst" dialect of US English. That's
> obviously prejudicial but I've run into some people there who were next to
> impossible to understand. Mencken referred to its speakers as "Baltimorons."

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