Re: s-stems in Slavic and Germanic

From: Andrew Jarrette
Message: 63177
Date: 2009-02-19

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> > The first one "Stupid Sick Mad Video" cracked me up, I thought it
> > was hilarious, while the second "Insane" was so-so (evocative music
> > though). But it's the same girl, Mirren the fun-loving and
> > sometimes funny half Dutch half Scottish girl, i.e. not a typical
> > Dutch person.
> First, I think I'll take exception to the term 'fun-loving', which in
> the Christianity-based Anglophonic culture means something like
> 'outside community protection', second (and this is related to the
> first) if there is a double bottom in 'fun' so that what you present
> is the unacceptable truth under the truce of Narrenfreiheit, if you
> call it 'fun', you are missing the point I was trying to make.
> Torsten

I actually meant "fun-loving" as a good thing, someone who would be
enjoyable to be around. I have no religion in my upbringing so unless
I say so nothing I say is meant to have a religious connotation. I
don't think Christianity has as much weight as it once did in Canada.

I thought you had earlier made the point that Mirren and Joan were not
typically Dutch, they had some Scottish, and that was why they were so
funny. So I thought I was basically reiterating the point you had
made, and therefore Mirren was not the best choice to determine
whether the Dutch are funny, since you had pointed out that her humor
stems from her special situation within the Netherlands.

I don't know what the term "double bottom" means, so I can't answer
that question. Am I under the truce of Narrenfreiheit? I thought I
was merely anybody expressing an opinion, as anyone can.

I thought you were saying that I could judge for myself whether Dutch
people are funny by watching an example of Dutch humor. And that you
were merely directing me to something I might enjoy, ultimately. I
was merely pointing out that this example might not be typical of most
Dutch people because you pointed out that these girls were more
humorous than average due to their situation. But I did not mean it
very seriously. So was your point something else?

I have no bad criticism or feeling towards those girls, I merely meant
that they are like many girls and many people in that they like to
have fun, which in my value system is a good thing (or at least not a
bad thing). I do the same with my constructed languages, which I
acknowledge are pretty silly and useless, but I have fun with them.
I'm not trying to judge them.

Now that I know that this is your reaction to something which I meant
completely innocuously, I am scared to think what you will say to what
I wrote about the Muhammad cartoon. Maybe on that topic I should have
kept my mouth shut.