Re: s-stems in Slavic and Germanic

From: tgpedersen
Message: 63157
Date: 2009-02-19

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> The first one "Stupid Sick Mad Video" cracked me up, I thought it
> was hilarious, while the second "Insane" was so-so (evocative music
> though). But it's the same girl, Mirren the fun-loving and
> sometimes funny half Dutch half Scottish girl, i.e. not a typical
> Dutch person.

First, I think I'll take exception to the term 'fun-loving', which in
the Christianity-based Anglophonic culture means something like
'outside community protection', second (and this is related to the
first) if there is a double bottom in 'fun' so that what you present
is the unacceptable truth under the truce of Narrenfreiheit, if you
call it 'fun', you are missing the point I was trying to make.