Fw: [Nostratic-L] Re: Laryngeal h4

From: Arnaud Fournet
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Date: 2008-11-11

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> I have seen that a fourth laryngeal h4 has been posited for those
> cognates where Latin or Greek has <a-> but Hittite has <a-> too (no
> <ha-> from *h2e-). I would like to ask: is it possible that we could
> be dealing here with *h1a-, with <a> a wholly separate vowel,
> unaffected by the preceding *h1, which in Hittite appears as Ø- in

I think Piotr and I both agree with you (he's welcome to correct me if
I'm wrong). From the Proto-Uralic data I've found necessary conditions
for PIE to develop *a, but I have yet to find sufficient conditions.
In many cases an initial *h2 is not needed.


What are those conditions ?