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From: Arnaud Fournet
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Date: 2008-09-29

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>> > Rice, rye and millet came along thousands of years after
>> agriculture in the Middle East
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>> Wiki says that agriculture started in the Fertile Crescent in the
>> Middle East ca. 9500 BC (google "history of agriculture"), and rice
>> cultivation started in China ca. 9000 BC (the "rice" link Torsten
>> provided). Since we often rely on Wiki, then I'd say we'd have to
>> go with Rick being right on this one. Maybe the independent
>> development of agriculture etc. in different places around the
>> world had something to do with a formulaic amount of time after
>> glaciation ended? (Perhaps due to shifting rainfall patterns?)
> 11500 vs. 11000 years ago? With estimates swinging wildly, that is
> practically the same date, and that then becomes suspicious: why would
> such an important discovery be made practically at the same time in
> two different places? Millet, which is thought to be the first cereal
> both places, is genetically indistinguishable in the Far East and Europe.
> Torsten
Everything being linked to everything
and the rest being in Plato,

the Tocharian word for Millet yap
is one of my *z eastern PIE words.

Kartvelian zibziba "wheat"
Eastern PIE yew-os
Tocharian yap "millet"
Anatolian seppa "wheat"
Latin sabaia "bier" (substratic)
Latin ave:na
Greec zeia

All from *zab "cereal"