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From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2008-09-29

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> > Now that is unsustained. Check the archives for 'millet' and
> > 'rice'. eg.
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> > Rice, rye and millet came along thousands of years after
> > agriculture in the Middle East

?? Using what cereal?
> >
> Wiki says that agriculture started in the Fertile Crescent in the
> Middle East ca. 9500 BC (google "history of agriculture" ), and rice
> cultivation started in China ca. 9000 BC (the "rice" link Torsten
> provided). Since we often rely on Wiki, then I'd say we'd have to
> go with Rick being right on this one. Maybe the independent
> development of agriculture etc. in different places around the
> world had something to do with a formulaic amount of time after
> glaciation ended? (Perhaps due to shifting rainfall patterns?)
> Andrew
> That's seems way too early for rice in China vis-a-vis other things
> I've read. There are also earlier claims for the Middle East back
> to 12-14 KBCE

Archaeology in China gets better every year, which means they can push
their time horizon further back relative to what it was before.