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From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2008-09-29

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> > Now that is unsustained. Check the archives for 'millet' and
'rice'. eg.
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> > Rice, rye and millet came along thousands of years after
> agriculture in the Middle East
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> Wiki says that agriculture started in the Fertile Crescent in the
> Middle East ca. 9500 BC (google "history of agriculture"), and rice
> cultivation started in China ca. 9000 BC (the "rice" link Torsten
> provided). Since we often rely on Wiki, then I'd say we'd have to
> go with Rick being right on this one. Maybe the independent
> development of agriculture etc. in different places around the
> world had something to do with a formulaic amount of time after
> glaciation ended? (Perhaps due to shifting rainfall patterns?)

11500 vs. 11000 years ago? With estimates swinging wildly, that is
practically the same date, and that then becomes suspicious: why would
such an important discovery be made practically at the same time in
two different places? Millet, which is thought to be the first cereal
both places, is genetically indistinguishable in the Far East and Europe.