Re: Comparative Notes on Hurro-Urartian, Northern Caucasian and Indo

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 60452
Date: 2008-09-28

--- In, "Arnaud Fournet" <fournet.arnaud@...>

> To start with, I think such a thing like -tl- is impossible in PIE.

While it may not have been very stable, it does seem to turn up as
zero grade.

From *stelh2 'broad(en)' (Pokorny #1885 pp1018-9) we have Latin
_latus_, _la:tus_.

From *stel 'put', 'place' (Pokorny #1886 pp1019-1020) we have Old
Latin _stlocus_ > Latin _locus_ 'place'.

From *telh2 'carry, bear, suffer' (Pokorny #1973 pp1060-1) we have the
Greek _tle:nai_ 'bear, suffer', with verbal adjective _tle:tos_, also
in Latin as _la:tus_ 'borne', corresponding to the simple verb
_tollo:_ 'raise', which however has supine _subla:tum_.

> This cluster becomes -tr-.
> Example number "three" *tel
> Semitic tel > thel-eth
> PIE tl- > tr-eyes
> The root ter "three" is fictitious : there is about no word with the
e or o
> grade.

Just to muddy the waters, there is Kikkuli's ti-e-ra-u-ur-tan 'three