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From: Arnaud Fournet
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Date: 2008-09-28

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Zbigniew Gol/a,b: The Origin of the Slavs, pp 366-8

'12) plugU 'plow,' attested in all Slavic languages, e.g., S-C Church
Slav. plugU 'aratrum,' ORuss. plug, Russ. plug (in older Russ. with
fixed stress!), Pol. pl/ug, S-C pl`ùg, etc., everywhere with the same
meaning 'plow.' It is usually considered a loanword from OHG pfluog-
or OLG plo:g, but the old acute accent would rather indicate a PGermc.
*plo:ga- as its source (for details see Kiparsky, 1934:258-59,
1958:20, and Martynov, loc. cit., 175-78, where a Slav. etymology of
this noun is proposed and PGermc. *plo:ga- is interpreted as a Slav.
loanword in Germanic).

What can be concluded from Slavic and Germanic ?
as regards a potential proto-Slavic form.
What is the most acceptable hypothesis ?