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From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2008-09-27

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> I have a question about NWB :
> What are the expected reflexes of *g/gw / *k/kw / *gh/ghw ?
> (assuming NWB does not require to separate *g from *g^)
> Arnaud

AFAIK the only instances from which we might deduce either way between
kW > p or preservation are those we discussed already
vs. preserved kW in Sequana > Seine, that is, if they were Belgic, and
if Belgic was NWBlock (the three-man-book is called 'Völker zwischen
Kelten und Germanen', peoples in the plural).

Come to think of it, the *kWatl- "smash" root I proposed for Venetic
is real, (Baltic) Venetic would preserve *kW unlike NWBlock (= 'West

Big question mark.