Re: Latin animals' names -R (rhotacism?)

From: Alexandru Moeller
Message: 59680
Date: 2008-07-29

Piotr Gasiorowski schrieb:

> <a:nser> is not likely to contain an *-Vs- suffix, given Slavic *goNserU
> 'gander'. If the word is one of the puzzling items suspected to be (pre-
> ~ Proto-)Italic loans in Slavic (like *sekyra 'axe' and *pastyrI
> 'shepherd'), there must have been an Italic *-er- (whatever its origin)
> in *g(^)Hans-er-.

Piotr, I wonder why you stil consider as having pre-ProtoItalic (!)
loans in Slavic since to me it appears these are loans from ProtoRomance
into Slavic. Which are some secure criteria which speaks for loans
from pre-Proto-Italic (!) instead from loans from ProtoRomance ?