Re: Sin once more

From: Rick McCallister
Message: 59646
Date: 2008-07-27

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From: tgpedersen <tgpedersen@...>
Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2008 5:20:58 AM
Subject: [tied] Re: Sin once more

> > > and Kuhn argued (I forget where)
> >
> > Grenzen vor- und frühgeschichtlicher Ortsnamentypen
> >
> > > that the tribal name Parisii contains *par(a)- which appears in
> > > Celtic names as Ar(e)-, so it is likely an NWB name.
> >
> > But this is preserved p-, and 'Hercynia' has *p- > h-
> Hercynia was taken over by Celts while they still had original /p/,
> and so it went to /h/ (when the Greeks first heard of them) and
> then zero. The "Belgic" Parisii entered Celtic territory and
> settled around Lutetia after original Celtic /p/ had already been
> lost, so their name was Celticized with the new /p/.

That's Kuhn's story too. One argument he doesn't mention is that by
their name, the Parisii should be living on the Oise river, not at


Celticists derive Parisii < *kwVr-- "pot", hence "the pot heads, the kettle kin" (vel sim off the top of my head), right?
But there were also Parisii in E/NE England, right? somewhere around N Anglia, Northumbria?
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