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Date: 2008-05-05

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> I've read (and understood) several, both linguistic and
> sociolinguistic. As far as the written language is
> concerned, a Parisian standard was in use for administrative
> and commercial purposes in most of the northern half of the
> Hexagon by the end of the 15th century.
> The spoken language is of course another matter. During the
> Sun King's reign 'bon usage' was defined by the Court;
> subsequently what we might call the upper middle (or
> business) class was probably the most important arbiter of
> bon usage. Increasingly, however, this was associated with
> the written language, and increasingly the spoken language
> went its own way despite the best efforts of schoolteachers,
> Academicians, and other would-be Canutes.
> Brian

Denial is avowal,
so you read (and understood [sic]).
And you're now saying what I said from the start
which you first denied.