Re: beyond langauges

From: Andrew Jarrette
Message: 58373
Date: 2008-05-05

jouppe <jouppe@...> wrote:
Finland Swedish. When I created my Yahoo account Finland was not on
the list, for whatever reason, so out of lazyness I picked Sweden.
Jouppe is pronounced [juppe] but Swedish spelling is ambiguous as
reagards this vowel so I use a French style digraph for that sound.
So is your last name (as I presume "Jouppe" must be) a Finnish last name?  Would it be spelled "Juppe" in Finnish?  Or are you saying that it is a Swedish name that is pronounced [juppe] in your dialect but would be pronounced [jüppe] in standard Swedish ([ü] being one way to represent centralized [u] in the IPA)(and hence spelled "Juppe" in Swedish) or is it spelled "Joppe" in Swedish and pronounced [juppe] but because "Joppe" might also be pronounced [jOppe] in standard Swedish, you use "Jouppe" to indicate the [u] pronunciation?