Re: a:-stems

From: Patrick Ryan
Message: 58339
Date: 2008-05-04

Miguel, in our discussion of the 'Vocalic Theory', you mentioned an example
of a development that you thought the VT could not explain:

specifically, the instrumental singular of -*a-stems, which you set forth as



That's hardly satisfactory. We have three morphemes here:
the thematic vowel (*-o-), the feminine marker *-yeh2- ~
*-ih2-, and the instrumental ending *-eh1. The combine as
*-o-yh2-ah1, with colouring of the instrumental ending by
the *h2 of the feminine.

I would like to clarify that is what you meant to write because it does not
correlate with other information I have on this inflection.

We are talking, I presume, about the -*ia: variant of the *a-stems.

First, I see no trace of a "thematic vowel". I can find no reference to
*a-stems having thematic vowels in the materials I have.

My sources list the instrumental singular of *a:-stems as *Ø.

You called it -*yH2eH1, which amounts to -*a:.

Can you clarify this at all?