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Date: 2008-05-03

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> So far as I can see, the invention of formal logic had no
> impact on the development of human language.

It led to the invention of science and scientific prose.
A detail.

>> French and German are obviously languages that have been
>> consciously made to be what they are.
> They obviously are not.
> > Brian

M. Scott

You are generally well-informed
so it's quite surprising you wrote this.

French has nearly been invented out of nothing
with the deliberate purpose of replacing Latin.
They created the Academie for that purpose :
invent a language that will do the job.
About everything has been pondered :
the graphic, the vowels, the grammar,
Unfortunately they invented the most complicated grammar possible.
After that, French has been massively taught to all people
in order to make them speak this language.
About half the population did not speak French at the beginning.
About everything in the language is un-spontaneous.

And German is basically a language invented by Luther
with the deliberate purpose of translating the Bible.
I guess that about 50% of German vocabulary has been invented out of

You must be completely ignorant of modern history
to write there is no conscious intervention in all that.