Re: beyond langauges

From: Francesco Brighenti
Message: 58189
Date: 2008-04-29

--- In, "mkelkar2003" <swatimkelkar@...>

> That is not how the family tree model works. Every stage is given a
> new name. For example, IIr branches into Indo-Aryan and Ir. If
> was an earlier stage of IA it must be given a different name.

"Pre-R.gvedic Indo-Aryan" is the standard label for the stage of
language development you have in mind.

> If an argument is advanced that aika > eka then they BOTH cannot
> be from the same language or even the same family of langauges.

They are DEFINITELY from the same "family" of languages (I rather
prefer to use the term "sub-branch of the IIr. branch of IE", which
is what Indo-Aryan/Indic actually is). These two numerals correspond
to two successive phases of development of Indo-Aryan/Indic.