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Date: 2008-04-29

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> ****GK: The material culture is closely related to
> similar ones north,west,and east, all considered
> Baltic. It is nearly identical to the Pidhirtsi
> culture of Ukraine (considered Baltic), it is quite
> different ffrom more northern cultures (like Dyakovo)
> considered Finnic, and it is located in an area of
> nearly universal Baltic hydronyms (no Finnic ones).
> Milograd/Pidhirtsi was assimilated into Zarubintsi and
> became part of Shchukin's "Bastarnian" complex.****

>Does the manner in which the assimilation took place inspire
>confidence that some putative Finnic hydronymics would have survived
>(cf Jackson's map of Celtic river names)?

I don't think any old Uralic name can be found on the southern bank of the
Remember that about all Finno-Ugric people don't bear auto-ethnonyms, but
hetero-ethnonyms of IE origin.

Moskva is a variant of Moksha
Both are from *ma?-d-ka "the humid one".