Re: Transcriptions

From: tolgs001
Message: 58174
Date: 2008-04-28

>1) You must post via e-mail, not the Yahoo web interface.

So yahoogroups is the culprit. Hm.

>2) You must be prepared for the reader to have to manually select

In my browsers (SeaMonkey and Firefox), I usually use Unicode.

>1) Yahoo assumes the bytes are in Windows-1252 and converts curly
>single and double quotes to apostrophe and quote. This typically
>corrupts 6% of characters. The post is then recorded as being in

Aha. But via Unicode, virtually all Romanian texts appear okay. If I
choose ISO for Romanian, the result is a catastrophe.

>2) You must be prepared for the user to manually select Unicode.

It is automatically selected in my browsers. Then, when I write those
Hungarian letters with unusual diacriticals, my browser displays them
okay, either via Unicode or via ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-2. Only
when I re-see them distribute by yahoogroups I get aware of the...
mess. (The same happens with the cedilla-c and the dotless i used
in Turkish, and partially with three Romanian letters, i.e. circumflex-a
and -i remain unaltered.)

>Actually, there is a way for Microsoft-haters to send uncorrupted
>Unicode from the web interface. Use the Firefox browser (at least, on
>Windows) and select the UTF-7 encoding. However, this will not work
>if you do not believe that Internet Explorer users should be precluded
>from reading your posts.

BTW, is IE better at solving these problems?